The Incredible Shroud of Turin

Where Science Touc​hes Faith!

Have You Discovered the Shroud,

God's Gracious Gift 

Affirming the Gospel Story?

A faint, mysterious, full-body image of a man appears on the inside of an ancient burial cloth known as the Shroud of Turin.  The man appears to have suffered a Roman scourging and crucifixion.  His wounds are in keeping with the unique crucifixion Jesus underwent as related in the Biblical account.  Yet, crucifixion was outlawed by the emperor Constantine in the early 4th century.  Scientists have concluded the image is NOT the work of an artist and has inexplicable characteristics associated with a three-dimensional, photographic negative!  No one has been able to successfully replicate it, nor has anyone been able to explain how the image could have formed naturally!  Either it is "the riddle of the ages" (TIME Magazine), or it is the Heavenly Father's witness to the Gospel story and His gracious gift to every believer and to every doubting Thomas!  Science has enabled people today to both see and perceive the Shroud's image better than any previous generation ever could!